Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bite the Bullet

Just bite the bullet and move on.
Its all easier said than done. Especially so if you're going through some kind of an emotional roller coaster

Say, begining of the year, you get to know someone and you tend to spend alot of time with him. Say dinners, classes, hobbies, movies, giving you a ride home when you need the most, all that. And some how, in the mist of all the on-goings, you suddenly reaslise that hey, maybe I've fallen for him. You don't express your feelings towards him because you're afraid that it would somehow jinx or change the relationship. So, what do you do? Keep quiet about it, with the expectation that things will turn out the way you want it to be.

But then, suddenly, he tells you that he's going away for a holiday during the hols. And that feeling that tells you that you might miss him creeps in. However confused you felt, you thanked your lucky stars that you didn't had the time to think it through. Its not whether you wanted to avoid the matter and face your feeling but it was more so because the examinations were the ones that were clouding your vision to see clearly. So, what is it that you do? Chuck the matter aside.

Out of the blue, while you were busy studying, there came an overseas message from him. It might be a sign that he missed you. Maybe a sign that he was bored ( which is pretty unlikely). But what bugged you was that he was willing to sent you a message from where he was. So, how did you react to the matter? You jumped up & down at home, feeling as though you were in cloud nine and shouting 'He misses me' many times, not knowing the real reason why he actually messaged you. Maybe he messaged you because he was bored or he was getting into getting the mind games to start. And because of this message, you were somehow deluded by the illusion that maybe he misses you, meaning to say that maybe he does share the same feeling. And how do you react to that? Keep smiling like everything's going to fall in place.

When he comes back from his trip, he tells you that he's in a relationship, WITH SOMEONE ELSE. You felt like you are loosing it. You feel that the world is unfair. You go, HOW CAN THIS BE? HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN TO ME? WHAT DID I DO WRONG? DID I WAIT TOO LONG? DIDN'T I GIVE HIM ENOUGH TIME? WAS IT BECAUSE I FEARED REJECTION THAT I KEPT THOSE FEELINGS THAT I HAD FOR HIM ALL BOTTLED UP IN ME? Questions after questions go through you're mind. Your bestie said that what's best is for you to get over it. Bite the bullet and get on with life. But you don't know how long it would take you to recover.

When I sit back and think and look through it all. There are alot of maybes or should haves that could have changed the current situation. I am lost for words to know what or how I'm going to move on. I'm not too sure how I'm not going to do something without being reminded of him. And what's worst, he still doesn't know that I've all along had feelings for him and I'm acting like I'm a good friend, standing by him, supporting and telling him to calm down when his gf doesn't call or msg him. At some point, I sometimes feel like telling him that hey, i'm here right in front of you, can't you see ME??

I know it all sounds like i'm all delusional or self-centred or a pathetic fool, what ever you can call it. I don't intend to let it be that way. I know that I'm not like that. I'm strong, certain, considerate and smart. But sometimes when these things happen, it just gets the best of you. And what can you do? Bite the bullet........

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

D80 baby

I know I know.. Its been a long while since I've written anthing. There's so too many things that I've gotta tell u. My b'day, my photographs, my photo shoots. And to top it off, my EXTREMELY crazy schedule. My lecturer is mad beyond mad. And his workload isn't exactly lighthearted. I'm prepared to be shrunken into bits and pieces by the end of this sem. Exams are in 2 months time and there's ALOT to learn.

If you guys are wondering what have I been doing since the last entry, well i've been having classes on weekends and on some weekends, its from 9am till 8pm. Yes, beyond your wildest dreams that D can stay in school at such LONG hours.. Though it isn't the first time that I've done such things, remember last term's revision period. Well, that was for only a month's worth of weekends, this is more like the whole semester.

And attending James's class is a MAJOR roller-coaster ride. In his words, its called "exciting". To us, the students, its called running the Standard Chartered 42km run. And right now, I'm in the mist of doing my essay. To all, does Target Costing ring a bell???????

Ok, other then photography, i'm usually down with my photography buddy Zahari. Yes we are tight. The close-friends tight. Please ah.. Though we did get the couple look a couple of times. Like when we dine out or when we go for photography. There was once when one of our friends thought that we were an item. This is how it went.

On my last photography lesson day, Zahari didn't joined me because he had to prepare for class the next day. You, the type whereby you've got a HOD coming to your class and observe the way you teach? (Oh yah, if I forgot to mention, Zahari is a teacher. So when we say to our friends that 'we've got school', we BOTH have school. Just differ in our occupations only. Hee! Hee! Hee!) So I went to class alone & met with the rest of my classmates who come from all walks of life. And when class ended, I sort of bumped into one of them at the train station and we were going to take the same train. So this is how it goes.

Me: Hi!
E: Hello! U taking the same train?
Me: Yes. I'm staying in Kembangan
E: Oh! I'm from Pasir Ris.
Me: Ic Ic
E: 'How come your husband didn't come today?'
Me: 'Oh! U mean the guy I'm usually with? He's not my husband.'
E: 'Oh so sorry. Your boyfriend?'
Me:' Oh, he's not my boyfriend either. He's just a close friend.'
E:' Oh, so sorry! I really didn't know. So how come he's not here today?'
( and the conversation went on ....)

Imagine how shocked I was when he said that. Oh k.. Now I'm suprised to hear that people in class have thought about the both of us to such extent.

Oh, btw, I GOT MY D80 with 18-200mm lens. YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So right now, i've got 2 camera bodies & 5 lenses.

2 Nikon Bodies

D80 -> fresh from the IT show
FE SLR -> Inherited from Daddy

5 Lenses
18 - 200mm VR-> bundle with my D80
50mm f1.8 -> a birthday gift from Zahari
105mm ->Inherited from Daddy
35mm ->Inherited from Daddy
300mm ->Inherited from Daddy

Monday, January 07, 2008

Here I am, this time, much much more busier then ever...

Since grandpa's hospitalisation, things have been followed by many many activities. I was with Zahari the whole day on Saturday. More camera & photo sessions. Pretty fun you can say. I mean, what else can I say, I went out to take photographs, went over his place to settle the camera arrangements which he ended up lending to me his D40 for Tuesday's class after all. And have someone to cook for you a late lunch. What can I say, I did have a good Saturday out with him.

Before meeting Zahari on Saturday, I went to collect my CompuTrekker. Its WONDERFUL. What else can I say? I like the bag. But the problem right now is that I find it a little too BIG for me. I mean, the straps cutting are a bit too wide. Zahari said that I should swap with his CompuDay Pack, something that's smaller. I did try it on & I find it quite comfy actually. Not too large for me. It gives a better fit for me.

So after some thorough thinking, I have decided to swap with his bag. I mean, how am I to bring it along for photography classes when its too big. Already as it is, I'm thinking of lending his Novo AW slingbag. Come on, how am I to carry a backpack when I'm wearing a dress or a blouse? Hehehe.. On Saturday itself when he was about to pass the camera to me, he was prepared to hand it to me with the NOVO AW. Ni dipanggil GATAL/CHEEKY. Orang dah offer tak nak. Sombong. Now I'm thinking of borrowing it from him. D, please decide....

Sunday, I was over at Kak Inah's house, doing her wedding gubahan. With her cats in the house, it was fun. You can only see her cats flossing their teeth. Hehehe.. Honestly, that wasn't what they intend to do but when my aunt was sewing something, this fella thought that it was some sort of a toy, something for it to play with. So he ended up flossing his teeth while my playing with my aunt's threads.

The cats are so cute & utterly so manja. One will for no apparent reason will just sit on my lap, hoping that I will massage or rub his body.. Even if I played with his paws or continue stroking while it is sleeping, it will be just glad & sleep soundly.

There was one moment when the striped cat found itself in a box & I covered it with the lid that has HOLES. And it seems that the cat enjoyed staying in the box. Hahaha.. Later, the other cat, the manja fella, well he tried to find a solution to help to get his friend out of the box. It was really cute seeing them like that. I badly wanted to snap pix of them. Playing around. Sleeping like a big boss in the house. Oh how I wish I can keep cats...

Friday, January 04, 2008

Back to School

Yesterday was my first day back at school. It was pretty much a crazy I can say. And James Kwan's speed isn't exactly going at 60km/h but more of 130km/h. Everything moves at a very fast speed. Shifting gears takes place very fast and we are always expected to stick to gear 5 when we are on the highroad. And when we've stuck, we've gotta put on the hazard lights just to signal to him to slow down.

I feel like taking up another module. F7. But i've gotta consult James regarding my idea about this. I mean, if I do take F7, I do have a choice of either taking Mr Goh, my taxation lecturer or another day of James. Which is it, I'm not too sure about that. I really want to know how heavy is F7 because its financial reporting, similar to 1.1 but of a higher standard. So maybe I might take another module. I mean, if its bad, how bad can it get? And another one of James's class, well, then I really badly terribly have no life.....

Heading out for a short photography session tomorrow with the Zahari & he's accompanying me to get that Lowepro CompuTrekker from that fella online. Got it at a great deal actually there. So I probably be gettin my hands on that D40 of his. Nope, shall not even touch his D200. Forget it. Firstly its heavy & the other thing is that I'm so afraid that it might slip out of my fingers due to its overwhelming weight. For a guy, yah, it's alright. Perfect size & everything. But for a girl, for fingers s dainty like ours, no thanks. If I dropped that D200, Zahari will definately be on fire & he'll be on my neck 24/7 about it. Just like a vampire...

It seems that I've gotta go off here.. I'm actually at Changi General Hospital right now. Granp's warded and everybody's working in the day so I have to come over to check things out while he's in the hospital. Everyone else is coming in the evening while I can come during the day. What can I say, part of the duties of being a granddaughter.....

Friday, December 28, 2007

Right there waiting for me...

After reading the work of scheme for my Financial Management Module (F9), I looked up to my shelves & I'm grateful to see that Mr Sloman is still sitting there, nicely, waiting for me to pick it up one fine day in the course of my ACCA education. And another part of me tells me why was I so stupid to throw away my Management Of Business notes. *nods her head in disappointment*

Schools starts in a couple of days. In some ways, I'm happy that I'm starting school soon but the other half is telling me that when school starts, its a gentle reminder of another head-banging / library = refugee camp schedule for me. What else can I say, that's school life..

Speaking of the start of school, it also means that we are going to say goodbye to 2007. And I'm turning 24 too. Back then when I was young, I asked my mom, whether its alright if I get a boyfriend when I'm 24. And look at me now, 23 & not in any serious relationship with some guy. Hahaha!

Looking for a guy isn't one of my resolution for next year. It comes when it decides to come. Like the song goes " Cinta datang, tanpa diundang...."

I like the way things are going for me so far. I'm happy with my life, my love for my hantarans & the fact that I've rekindled my love for photography, it just makes it all better. What's in store for me in 2008 is yet to be searched, tried, experienced & tested my yours truly. Is it the year where I come to my fullest potential? Or the year that I've become contented with myself? Or even somethng that might come along unexpectedly. I don't know.

For 2008,

a) I pray for good health for me. I hope that I won't get sick with the start of my maddening & hectic school schedule
b) I pray for good health for my parents, sister & all my love ones.
c) I would wanna complete my F modules before moving up to my Professional leveel where I can take my degree in Applied Accounting
d) I hope ma' sistaz will be as zany & awesome FOREVER. I love u girls. Hope to travel, go scuba diving & snorkelling with u all again.
e) I hope ma' crew will always be ma' crew.
f) I can get my D80
g) I want to go for another roller coaster themed vacation

Just received the e-mail reagarding my photographic classes for next year. Can't wait for it to start but having a little problem with the camera arrangements with Zahari... Eeerrrgghh!! This part, I don't like about him...

Anyway, I can't wait for my Yoga classes to start.. There's some pilates classes held at Marine Parade Cc too but the schedule clashes with my photography class.. What to do, gotta wait for next time then... Haiz...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Long Overdued

Week 49
( 3 - 9th Dec)

The days for that week had been MADNESS..... It started out by the two gruelling days, the two days that I was preparing for combat.. One day for Tax, while the other for Law.. And what can I say, it was a good battle... And the best part was right after my last paper, I went to meet Norin. Had to get away from all that craziness....

My sis got back on Wed from her NY / DC trip. And I got my COACH bags, Levis Jeans & lots of other stuffs which I really really really love... Am wearing the COACH wallet right now too... Hehehehe.. What can I say, I really really really love that design.. The all leather CC design.

Friday 7th Dec
Sentosa trip

Definately AMAZING!!! And oh my, were there alot of exicitement going on... We girls being girls, went tanning. Got a nice tanline after that.. I became Miss Hottie that day. Because its just the girls and none of our guys were there, so it was alright. So we BARED IT ALL OUT... And Nor & myself did diving at the Underwater World.. Oh gosh! How much I love diving..... And how much I missed it.. Now, I feel like taking the licence... Check out the pix peeps...

That Sat, I went to JB with the rest of my family to get some wedding stuff.. Was busy... ReAL busy..

Week 50
(10 - 16th Dec)

That week was going out to town to meet Amu for movie & catching up. And I met Jo, oh how much I miss her so much. And I finally got a BIG Harrods bag ( all thanks to Julie) where I can fit my gubahan stuff whenever I go to places... Glam tak tinggal babe.. Hehehehehe....

Week 51
( 17 - 23rd Dec)

This week was another crazy week because of Hari Raya Haji... And my parents were all working on Eve of Raya so it was left to my sister & I to do the cooking, marketing & cleaning. Yes, I cook. Suprising huh? I did the Lepat. Sorang2 seh... Penat tau ikat sendiri. Alhamdulillah jadi cantik & lembut. It turned out great, Perfect texture.. My sister cooked Sambal Tumis... Well, that's her fav dish so I expect her to cook it well & it was good.. Real good... Hehehehe....

The next day, I went to meet Lynn to get some rocher.. She got engaged on Sunday. Congrats to her... Anyway, after coming back from Arab St with Lynn, Zahari msged me to ask me out for a movie. It wasn't a date. Its more of a carried forward get together. Both of us were busy with school. I was down with exams & he was busy being with his students, Geography trip & holiday.. We caught National Treasure & headed off for coffee later...

Anyway, he told me something. He got a D40 Nikon. When he told me, I wanted to kill him right there on the escalator when he broke the news to me. When he read my expression, he knew then that I love to get a Nikon DSLR. And so we're been talking about nothing else except for cameras cameras cameras since...

The next day, he asked me out to accompany him to look for a camera stand. And we finally did. A Giotto ball head with a Manfrotto stand. And we got it at a good deal. And there was this bag which I was really interested in. And when I asked more about that bag, guess what that salesperson said, ' Well, that's great for keeping milk bottles warm'. I appear not to hear what the salesperson said while Zahari just kept looking interested with the other camera stands, making himself look like he heard nothing. But trust me, when I spoke to him later that night to chat about the stuff that we bought, I had to refer that bag which I was really interested as the 'milk bottle bag' and when he reacted to that, well, I know he knew what I was talking about...

Anyway, speaking of Nikon DSLR, I'm getting it soon. Once the IT fair is in, I'm gonna get it. Without a doubt. Plus its gonna be the D80. Not the D40. And I can finally inherit my dad's old Nikon lenses.. Hahahaha!!!! I love the sound of it already.

Sunday was down at Lynn's engagement. And how else can I say this, I really have a grudge with mak andams. Oh how much I don't like them. They are only nice when a) your their customers & b) you dress up as glamourous as them. Other then that, they are all plain STUCK UPs.. Oooppss... Its my blog & I have 100% ownership of

Week 52
24th Dec

Yes, it's Christmas Eve. And I was out to Arab St again to get some stuff for the hantaran decorations. And I am honoured to be the first one to hold Zahari's D200.. He went to get it with me. I even took some trial shots with it and it turned out quite well. I wanted to play around with his camera but he was rushing off for his game & I wanted to head off to Funan to check out batteries for the Sony T20. I was supposed to wait for him while he finished his game but I was too tired & wanted to head home. As it turned out, he continued with his MAGIC game till about 7 plus. Thank god I didn't wait for him any longer. Or else I'll be sitting ducks at Raffles City. And the crowd isn't that fantastic either. People doing their last minute Christmas shopping. I'll end up getting a headache thinking about it. Gheez.

Suprisingly, he called me when he got back to talk about more camera stuff.. What can I say, we both are in love with DSLR. For me, its more of rekindling love while his was falling in love with it for the first time.

Honestly speaking, its been a LONG while since I've gotten my hands on an SLR. I think the last time I did my werks on the SLR camera was while I was still in MI. Those days when I was down for Sports Day & 'I' Day .. Those were the days.

So when I was playing around with Zahari's D40 on Saturday, guess my skills are still there. Just lack of practice. That's about it. My shots were better then his. Hehehe...

Alright then. I think that's all for now. School starts soon for me. And Yoga too. And a photography class which Zahari is helping me look into.

Most likely I'll might head over to Zahari's place ( when is that gonna be, well I'm not too sure because once school starts, we both will be busy with school ) to play around with his cameras. He's letting me to play around with it. Looks like he really knows how much I love a Nikon DSLR which is why he's allowing me to use it from time to time.

Looks like I'm prepared to have a packed & geared up for 2008.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gone.... Totally GONE

The revision is going absolutely CRAZY. There's no other way of saying it except that its been a complete maddening marathon. And I really wonder HOW on earth I can keep up with it....

How maddening has it gotten? Let me tell you how...

Fri 16th Nov, I went off to do my self study session ( as usual ) from 1 till about 8.30pm or so.. Had a break ard 5pm for about half an hour before resuming to my work... Finishing of my company tax questions. After all that, my sis insisted that I should send her off to the airport that night... SHE'S IN NEW YORK !!!!! You wouldn't wanna know how I feel abt not being able to join her... AAAAARRGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!! But hey, nvm, been there twice. Plus I did manage to head to the WTC... And I climbed to Statue of Liberty TWICE.... They can't go to neither one of these places cuz a) one is a memorial ground and b) you can't go up to the crown anymore.... Hahahahahaha!!!
Anyway, back to the story. Since she insisted that I were to send her off, being a good sister, I told her that I'll meet her there at the airport. Her flight was a midnight flight. So imagine what time I got back.

Sat 17 Nov. I had tax revision class. Your dear friend here was being so gung-ho that she stayed for not 1 or 2 revision session but for 3 sessions. Yes, you got it right. It started from 9 - 1pm. Followed by 2-6pm. And this last one was the best, 6.30- 10.30 pm. Initially I didn't want to attend the last session cuz I was afraid that I might be tired. But hey, I didn't. Plus I had Herbie with me. He brought Sour Cream Pringles.. Oh yah, supposed to bring Doritos for this Fri's session. And Mr Goh will say, eating corn chips again.. Hehehehe... Anyway, something mariculous happened before I attended that evening class.

I was hungry. Sandwich was my lunch.. Yah, so I told Sharifa that I wanted to head over to the vending machine to get some snacks. Knowing that your dearest friend here was STRAVING, I wanted to get 2 items. So after getting the first order, I started putting in my first coin, wihich was a 10 cents. And that stupid vending machine THREW it out from the return coins chute straight onto the carpeting. Fine, i know, u are abt to say, the machine wants to sleep so its rejecting my coins. So, knowing that I was already brain zombified, out of desperation, I started to put ALL my coins into the slot, hoping that some might get accepted. And guess what, out of the 10 & 20 cent coins worth abt $1.50, only 10 cents managed to get accepted.

(Please control your emotions if you are in the office or any public vicinity with effect of this paragraph.)

I went " Oit!!!! Don't you want my money here. I wanna eat alright?!!!!" with all that banging & stuff. Sharifa, looking all panic stricken, went like, "Eh! Relax girl. There's cameras everywhere in this school alright.. So chill" Then I gave up, Totally hungry & angry... People could see steam coming out of my ears.....

Word of advise: And hungry man is an angry man.

Thank goodness for Herbie having having that canister of Pringles... Even though I don't eat chips & I don't particularly like Sour Cream flavour, I ate about a quater of the canister. Loving my dearest Herbie for everything..

Then, later that night, when I got home, I was hungry & tired & sleepy. There wasn't food. So with no other alternative, went ahead to make myself a cup of milo before sleeping. And guess what, no hot water. So I took the kettle, filled it with water & waited for it to boil. While waiting, I slept, standing up, without realising it...Wow!

The next mrng, Sunday, attended my law revision which was from 9 till abt 3pm. My friends were asking whether I attended the tax evening class the night before, and when i said yes I did, they said, wah! Solid lah you". And when I told them that I picked a fight with the vending machine & mastered the art of sleeping while standing, the first thing that they said was " GONE! That's it... This girl is totally GONE...."

Seriously, I really don't know why this sitting is practically sucking the goodnes out of me. It is alright. Thing are way OF COURSE with alot of people. Maybe I'm doing too much thinking that I can't see the obvious things that's right before my very eyes.. I jump into conclusions. Make bad judgement calls which are not me & not right. I don't know... Its just sucks the goodness out of me.

SO this was what I did on Mon, yesterday. Went to catch a movie alone. Caught "The Game Plan".. I was hoping that it wasn't crowded but it was.. Haiz! But heck lah... If anybody dares to say anything, i'll just say, " Wait till you sit for a professional exam. See how far it will drive you nuts..." :) Hehehehe...

Alright, I'll just let you all wonder how nutty I've become. And I've better put a self reminder to bring a big bag of Doritos to class on Friday. Something for Herbie & I to munch....

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Indeed it was a long day

Candid shot 101 - Back Row L-R: Izzudin (purple), Fadil, Wati, Sideeq, Irwan, Hashim, Fazrin & myself. Seated L/R: Noryn & Shimah

Classic car squeeze

The great guys who helped us in every way

Dear sis, you've got no worries aight, the 3 of us will always be there for you.

Formal group photo

After a LONG day, this is the look of people at 1 am who have to go to work/school the next day....

My trip for jalan raya did turn out to an unexpected event. We, our car, got into an accident. Don't worry, we're all fine. Just some bumbs & bruises for Shannen & myself. Thank god there was the guys. They helped out alot... Sideeq remaining calm & all, Fadil, the PR fella who was doing all the slow talk with the others, Irwan, coming to us when the accident first happened. Thanks alot to all.. It was indeed a turn of event..

Nah, no worries, we did all proceed with the jalan raya, with all our parents worried about what happened. ALOT of parents Asked about alot of stuff regarding the accident. Especially Hashim's mum, cuz that was where we were heading when the accident happened. She was asking us whether all of us were alright and made us eat, you know why, cuz we were VERY hungry & VERY thirsty and VERY tired after all that happened..

ALright there, enough yacking.. Here's the pix

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Here I am, in two ponytails, typing away on my bed, telling u guys how how I survived my first taxation revision session. Not bad because of the revision that was done in advance. Thanks to ppl like Esther & Lashmi, it didnt' turn out that bad after all..

Taxation is more of section numbers again and again. I thought law was bad enough when words such illegality, negliegent misrepresentation, duty of care, breach of contract etc. If u think that its alien enough, then how about ratio decidendi, deminimis rule, promissory esstoppel, stare decisis etc... And how about names of corporate cases such as Caparo, Donnaghue & Stevensons, Photo Production, Hedley & Heller, Hadley & Baxendale ( professional duty of care).. Alien! Alien! Alien! What?! Nonsense! Is! She! Talking! ABOUT?????!!!!

Then when its taxation, its always about tax computation for company or individual. But for individuals, there's resident of Singapore, Non- Resident, Non Ordinary Resident. There's the different tax rates that available for different people earning different amount thus being taxed at a different rate..

While doing the computation, there's terms like s10(1)(a)-(g), whereby we have to remember what each section means. And u know why I always say that I become ZOMBA after my tax classes, is because of

a) one min, the term is a term, the next, there's also an AKA in terms
of section numbers... Eg: Unilateral Tax credit Relief is aka s50A.

b) my lecturer who's without a doubt very experienced but its so tough for him to tell us the answer straight to the point. We have to probe, poke, become sherlock holmes, open evidence case, investigate etc.. Well, you get the picture...

c) And the last one is that he's the fella who's responsible for the corkyness, the zomba-ness and the nonsensical stuff that's coming out of me at the current moment. The other day, he was saying that he's stressed out because of us. And I told my friends, he doesn't know the kind of stress that HE'S giving us. My lecturer, he's cute and definately funny. Known for things such as 'that green thing', questions that's modified to the extent by which we can't solve or figure them out on our own. Like he's making us take another step ahead while doing it. Lashmi says that those questions are mutated while I call them MUTILATED. Apparently we're agreed that those words are STRONG enough for it...

Before anyone know, its coming the end of the year. You know why I am so aware of it? Cuz my exams are coming soon, meaning that the year is coming to an end. It feels like its just yesterday that I started school & taking my ACCA and now, I'm already taking the 2nd level most toughest paper, taxation...

Now I'm grooving cuz Nellie, Justin & Timbaland's Give it to me is blasting thru the radio... Gheezz, this song is totally booty-shaking!Alright, I think I'll stop yacking cuz I've gotta get back to work. My notes on relief from double taxation is staring at me.. Plus tmr I've gotta get up early. Going jalan raya with ma' crew. Taking LOADS of shots this time round. Starting it early and the expected duration for the whole thing is 12 hours, yes, we're gonna start at 11am and ending it at about 11pm. Eloo???!!! We all gotta work & go to sch the following day.. Which explains the msg on my msn.. Switching off, wef Mon..

Till I update the pix from tmr, CHAO!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Better late then never

Salam aidilfitri penuh keiklasan
Dendam di hati disimpan jangan
Salah dan silap pohon dimaafkan
Moga silaturahim kekal berpanjangan
Dengan ingata tulus ikhlas
- mIsS_D -

My schedule is packed to the max with things... Exam's around the corner.. Suffering from terrible migraines. I appreciate your concern, you know who you are...

Can't talk much because the things that are on my mind..

1) Taxation notes that have yet to be completed, 4 more chapters to go.. ciayo!
2) Law test that is due this Friday, doing more reading abt corporate governance,
3) Sunday's Hari Raya Marathon... 3 cars going plus 3 or 4 bikes, something like that... wondering how it will turn out....
4) Wondering how I am going to survive for the revision that takes place during the weekends...
5) Someone owes me dinner but it keeps getting postphone due to busy schedule. Hhhhhmmmmm....

When the photo's out from my Raya collection, I'll pin it up here.. There's gotta be some really interesting pix here... Keep watching!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting the FEEL.....

Apparently its only now that I can feel the RAYA mood setting in. Even though my house is in complete mess, I just seek refuge in my room and BAM! I totally feel it. What's left would be to iron my kebayas and it will be all set..

Thank goodness last Dec I painted my room. So, the mess in my room is still bearable & I just have to clear some things to make my room spick & span. And the colour is beige, my fav colour. Initially I wanted to paint it red or green, like bright tones but I changed my mind while picking the colours because I'm they type of person who would like calm & soothing things. And during the exam stress period, I badly need that calamity & soothingness...

This year, its going to be the 4th year in running that I will not be receiving a wonderful Hari Raya card. The one that's especially written to me, with lots of love & sincerity. Haiz! Those days of which people will decide on the same colour of baju kurungs together. Those were the days...

Suprisingly, till today, no one can really please me that well. I'm a tough girl alright. Yes I can play the same game if you play the same game but when its a serious one, please don't kid me...

A long time ago, I would definately want to settle down, have little 'devils' running around and be happy. Spend my mornings with him playing with my hair, or admiring me while I sleep. And how well he fits into your body, every curve & angle. Knowing how well your hands fits into his palm. And when you have your kids running around, never failing to make you laugh.. When you have found that special somone, it will all be perfect.

But when I look at it(marriage) again, I think I would be missing alot of things if I continue with that initial plan. RIght now, I find that I'm more afraid of settling down then ever. Why is that so? Because there's alot of RESPONSIBILITY that goes along with it. And all your obstacles that you would be facing when one enters into that stage of life. OMG! I am so unprepared. And I thought I was before.. Gheez. And lets not talk about childbirth YET..

Things that I want to achieve in life before I enter that other stage in life;

1) Continue with my education
3) Earn big bucks before I turn 35
4) Continue looking out for people who might interest me.
-> I have yet to meet someone who loves to travel, enjoys the outdoor (meaning trying out alot of incredible things that have the thrill factor), never fails to make me laugh, good chemistry (VERY IMPT) & loves me for what I am.
5) When I've finally earn all that I want, I'll settle down with the right guy (if I EVER meet him), stop working as an accountant & start with my own bridal business

Friday, October 05, 2007

Its coming

A couple of things that I've gotta say...

1) I'm going out with the girls tonight. Yeah!
2) Jo, I miss u too. We ought to meet up soon before u head off to East Timor.
3) My one & only dearest Herbert, thanks ALOT for last night. You're the best!

Ok, that's the 3 most important things that I've gotta say.

Raya menjelang tapi I still don't have that festive mood setting in yet. Why is that so? I don't know. Maybe its because of all the things that's going on in my life right now. I've got no time to sit & enjoy the mood.

Hopefully the mood will set in soon. I pray hard that it will...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stop being a prisoner in your own prison

There has been alot of things going thru my mind lately. But I'm blessed to know that things are going to be slightly different here. And I'm gonna be alright. No worries.

Went to buka with Ma' Crew yesterday at Es Teler Cineleisure. Had a blasted time being with them. As always. This time, instead of talking of old times & stuff, we were playing guessing games. The ones my cousins & I will play when we were travelling from LA to San Diego in the Amtrack train. The kind of games that you play when you either have to break the ice or just to pass time. Yup, those kind of games.

Anyway, speaking of talking about old times, we all were suprised with some news that we heard. But it is yet to be confirmed. And someone said that next time, for class gatherings, it would have to include children. The only thing my conscience was telling me was that we haven't ever passed the bring your boyfriend stage yet & now, we have to bring our kids. OMG!! Time passes by so fast. Some of our classmates are married with children..

Its amazing when you've got friends who care about you, lends you the helping hand and just be there for you whenever you need them. They love me, which explains the urgency to get hold of me immediately, whether it be thru a phone call, msn or even text msges. Ahh... The wonders of technology..

Those who have been there for me, thanks for being part the journey of my life.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Beating the crap out of me

Went for buka with 3 other girls yesterday after class. It was alright. And there was a sharing session later on after dinner. Sha left early as she was going to visit her friend's dad who was hospitalised. When we heard the bad news, sebak bila nak buka..

I'm still buried somewhere underneath my schoolwork. I'm just waiting for someone to pull me out from it. I'm just there, working & working & working... Alot of things are on my mind and I don't know how to clear it all up.. And the more I continue burying myself with work, the more I feel that I'm running away clearing up my mind.

And yah, there's a high chance that I'm calling it off....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Back after ages

Hey there. I know that its been ages since i've updated this. Been busy doing alot of things lately. And there's actually LOADS of photographs to be uploaded but there something wrong with my photo transfer. Anyway, i'm still looking into rectifying that problem.

How's my life been lately if you're asking, well alot has been going on. My school work is burrying me to the maximus. And if i've class the whole day, i'll end up being a ZOMBIE by the time i get back too. And when i start doing my work, i'll forget my meals but I have Simon to constantly remind me to eat.

How is he if you're asking, well he's there, somewhere. Busy flying. But its kinda great that he's away cuz I can concentrate on my schoolwork. The last sweetest thing that he did was to give me tix to the fireworks display over at the pontoon. It was great... And the crowd that I had to go thru...

Other then that, life has been ok.. There's alot of blessing in disguise. :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

I've got another confession to make...

I've got another confession to make...

The reason why I've not updated is because something great had happened in my life right now. Though there has to be a little sacrifices here & there, but its worth it. Not really that much fuss so its alright however sometimes, it needs a little shaking up..

My sistaz knows abt it. And they went like YANNNNNAAAAAAAA........... Totally FLY *hint hint* Ok, right now, the agreement is simple.

Alright, gtg & catch my rest. NITE!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Human are complexed individuals


And I sometimes feel that I'm a major GUNDU BLUR like SOTONG. Talk about me being a student accountant. Ya right.. When these kind of things are right before my very eyes, I'm blur as KUKU. Sometimes I feel that relationships should be as clear as numbers. I know, I know, human are complexed individuals thus having a complexed manner in having relationships. Ok, some can call me tactless when it comes to dealing with people. Sometimes, I feel that relationships should be like numbers, which are obvious. Straight to the point. No need for any explainations. But no, relationships have to be like LAW. Got to draw diagrams to clearly analyse the situation. There's this GREY area. Unlike accounting, its either black or white. Simple.

Sentosa trip was cool even though initially I didn't feel like going. Alot was going through my mind the whole time we were out. Plus there was the NDP rehersals. Imagine Nor eyeing me like she has x-ray vision & trying to read my mind everytime the planes fly by while I will just look at the sea & pretending that its such a beautiful scene. Hehehehehehe!

Friday, July 27, 2007

What if

Alot of things are going thru my mind at the moment. About school, my upcoming results, my buggingly aching headache, these are just a few.. There are other things that's on my mind. Wish it would all GET OUT! OUT! OUT!

Going to Sentosa tmr but nah.. Not really excited about it though... Its not because of someone but I just don't forward to it anymore.

Alright, yacking nonsense right now...GTG

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sentosa this WEEKEND

Well, these few days have been quite a yoyo. I'm very busy with school. Doing more reading than I've ever had. I've got tutorials this time round so sometimes, my Saturdays are spent going to school. Ya, there goes my no study on weekends policy.

Ma' Crew have been doing great. We caught Transformers the last time. And if you've guessed it right, we are going to Sentosa again this weekend. All 10 of us. Too bad my cam's not working. What a shame. I've gotta get those shots from Nor this time round. Usually its the other way around... Sis, angkat bola eh...

I've been a little under the weather lately. I don't know whether its the weather,or its the sick season or its the workload. This usually happens unexpectedly. Just as I was getting my momentum...

Anyway, I spent my last Sun, sitting at home, reading the last installement of the Harry Potter book. Gonna read it again cuz the first round of reading was the excited wanna get to know what happened kind of reading. So I've might have missed the little bits & pieces. For those who have been reading it from book 1, you'll realised that the book is actually dedicated to us & by reading this last installment, you'll get the WHOLE picture. And did I mention that I like the ending & I finally found out what's Ginny's real name. Hehehe!

Ron+ Hermione = Rosie + Hugo
Harry + Ginny = James + Albus Severus + Lily

Shalln't say much now. Gotta get ready for school....

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Back fromTimbre

Here I am, reporting after last night at Timbre.

It was alright. Totally like a bar concept. And if people like Sha or Nor came, they totally won't feel left out. There was LOADS of girls in tudung sitting around there. Anyway, it was more of coming down to support Fadil. Not there with other objectives in mind right?

The bands who performed was inititally boring but bands after Fadil's bands were good. Some were awesome. Like very good vocal projections & with proper diction. Will be uploading the video that was taken by dearest Wati on her N73. Bless that girl for having such a wonderful phone :)

Why is it that the high stool chairs that they have are so uncomfortable to be sat on if someone seats on it for more then 2hrs? By 10pm, Shannen, Wait & myself were plain tired from sitting. I ended up standing for a while Wati kept swithching chairs between the stool & the high chair. Shannen was like shaking her legs more often. Hahahaha! Signs of restlessness. And the best part was that Fadil & Hashim left to relax outside of Timbre because they also couldn't tahan the heat, loud music & sweaty people drinking. Baik!

When I got back, I was totally beat. I think it was more of beat from sitting on that chair rather than any other type of tiredness. I really don't understand how people can tahan in that kind of environment. And on top of that, it was smokey & with people drinking. Imagine what kind of damage it can do to your skin. Man, that's bad....

Friday, June 29, 2007

Bumped out...

Its like almost midnight and I can't sleep. Here I am, part lying on my lappy in my tanks, part snuggling under the comforters, typing away because I can't sleep. If anyone sees this, they wouldn't believe that its me.

Heading down to Timbre for Fad's gig. The monty crew will be there. Too bad I can't take pictures. My cam's not functioning & I've gotta fork out $200 to fix it. ARRRRGGGHH!!!

Anyway, yesterday, I was out with Herbie. He was just plain bored & I was back from the Olympus office, regarding my camera that's NON-FUNCTIONING.

Anyway, back to where I was, Yes, Mr Giant. When I walked by him, there's like a gap between us, in terms of height. And I had to speak slightly louder because I'm way down here while he's way up there. So I ended up having to speak louder. People might look at this little malay girl walking together with this GOLIATH next to me but I couldn't care less. Just enjoyed my company with this fantastic fella.

But what really got my blood boiling was when we were at Coffee Bean Paragon. He was accompanying me while I was waiting for my mom. Told him that it was not necessary for him to stay with me while I waited for my mom but him being a gentleman, wouldn't leave me. Anyway, back at Coffee Bean Paragon, when I was getting a seat while he got himself a drink, he told me that there was a group of female waitress was laughing at both of us when we got in. Maybe they were telling a joke & we coincidentally walked in the cafe. I don't know. So I'll just leave it at that. But when he told me that something fishy was going on over the counter, as if they were talking about us. Maybe they thought that we were couple. Herbie told me that when they took his order, the girls were being overzealously polite. Get the hint? Well, Herbie being Herbie, he's calm as ever... But even so, its not as though that they've never seen a couple with different races? Hello?! Singapore is a multi-racial country with the highest rate of mixed marriages. DUH?! *eyes rolling*

So does that mean that over those periods where I've studied with Lawrence at the library, people might think that we were a couple? Is this why Herbie kept telling me to quit hidding behind Lawrence while studying in the library?

Maybe I've been alone way too long. Not seeing anyone or having attempts in opening my radar. That is why I'm plain oblivious to the environment around me. And I can't get the slightest hint about any guy who tries to get my attention. Like I've said, just a plain GUN when it comes to these kinda of things.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My camera died on me

Here I am, typing away at 12mn. Something terrible has happened. My cam died on me. For no apparent reason. Been trying to get it to work but it can't. Which means that I've gotta go & sent for a fixing. I'm so irritated by it. Looks like for this weekend, I've gotta rely on my hp cam, which has a 2.0 mega pixel. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Waiting for Herbie's call. He said that he'll call me after my Criminal Minds. And he's not calling me yet... Hmmm... Maybe he fell asleep on the couch? Or maybe he himself is watching something good on tv. Or maybe he's playing this xbox. Deeply engrossed in his game. Let me tell you something, that guy can practically glue himself to his games alright. ;)

Won't write much for now. Still thinking of my cam. AAARRRGGHHH!! Hey, I love that fella alright. How could that happen to me. Its finishing is one of the best. And its so compact. Just as I was thinking of bringing it for Sat's show @ Timbre...

Alright people, gtg. Chao!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Growing Up

Does it mean that we have to be responsible in our thinking?
Or does it mean that we are given the opportunity to do some responsible thinking? Which is it?

I'm not only talking about parents giving us the opportunity to learn. It applies to boyfriends, girlfriends & friends too.

If we as kids are sheltered too much from our parents, I doubt we'll be learning some learning experiences. Don't tell me that you'll seek refuge at your parent's place whenever there's problems? Life experiences is hard but there's no easy way out. Without it, don't you think that they'll ever call it life experiences.They say, learn from mistakes. But as an individual with the brains given by god, use it. It has to be a reason why its there. Some mistakes are just plain JACKASS stupidity. Others, well, it's unavoidable. Which is why, as an individual, gauge yourself. Know your limits. Set your boundaries. Choose your company wisely. These are the only thing that will mould you to what you are. Coupled with proper guidance from your parents & your teachers, you'll be a great individual.

I have to say that I'm blessed that my parents are very supportive of what I do. And I thank them for loving me when I'm very sick & when I'm fit. And now that I'm older, I feel that my parents have successfully brought me up well. Its funny how they inculcate certain values & morals into me when I was growing up. And somehow, it helped moulded me into what I am today. I do am grateful to have them as my parents. I thank them for allowing me to make mistakes too.

I feel that right now, as an individual, I have to say that things are given to me from a different perspective. Its like photography, where if you shoot from a different angle, you get a different lighting. Its the same as you see things right now. When I look at my life right now, I feel thankful for Darwin for letting me go. Thanks for letting me learn some things which I doubt I would have learnt if it didn't happened. As for Hezwan, well, thanks for being such a gentleman. After loads that had happened to us, you're still talking to me. All these falls into the boyfriends category where mistakes would have to be learnt without any shelter. It helps in making a stronger, wiser, sensitive yet emphathetic individuals.

My friends have also made me what I am today. They say that the friends that you made in your teen years are the ones who'll turn out to be friends for life. And you know why, these are the people whom you've spent most your time with while you were growing up. After all those hours of togetherness resulted to a bond that's like super glue with industrial strength. It definately develop you somehow. Maybe developing a concern for someone, the need to have a sense of belonging, the ability to tackle a rough spot tacfully or the toughest one being breaking them any bad news or advising them on some sensitive issues. Hopefully these can be a guide for upcoming life's expectations.

I've always say that I'm fat & ugly, so that's why there aren't guys going go-go ga-ga over me. I have to say that guys, well, after mixing long enough with them, they are the aesthetic people. Think of sex & you get the picture. What's on the inside is not a major concern. Sometimes, when I'm with my guy friends, they'll endlessly tell me that its unbelievable that I can't get attached for the past 4 years because they say I am chatty, friendly & talk with sense. But when I look at it, its more like they just like my company. That's all.

And right now, when I think about getting attached again, I'm afraid. Afraid that I'll make the same mistakes again. Sometimes you try your best to not repeat the mistakes but it happens, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. I feel that if i'm attached, I'll turn into this horrid witch who's very authocratic. I'm afraid I might be too possesive. I'm afraid that I would not be sensitive towards him. I'm afraid that I might not spent enough time with him. I'm afraid I can't meet him during my busy schedule. I'm afraid that he might not like the real me. The me when I'm sick or in my nonsensical self or pms-ing period. I'm afraid that I might be burdening him.

I don't know, maybe I should give myself a chance, give love a chance. Its still out there...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Funny that things can't be ceteris paribus

After talking to Herbie, it made me realise how a GUN I am when it comes to guys. Yes, its apparent to all that I'm chatty, very easy to talk to guys. Ya, that's one thing. But to a guy who u've grown interest with, that's when I'm a little SHY. Yes, its hard to believe that I'm shy. But its true...

It looks like Herbie has been trying a new plan to GET ME ATTACHED. He is the sweetest guy ever. Ever since I've been studying at the library, he has been trying to get me to quit hiding behind Lawrence so that a guy will come forward to me. And to make it worst, you wouldn't wanna know what I wore whenever I go studying. Tees with berms or capris or jeans & my Crocs. That's about it. Nothing more. Super slack.

Anyway, the other time, when a guy starts a conversation with me, well, initially I thought that he was just asking out of courtesy. But it seems that this fella's friend's been promoting him in our conversations. And its just now that I'm realising it. SUPER THE GUN I really am. After talking to Herbie, well he said " Come on lah, take the chance. Its not as if some guy would fall from the sky for you. There's no harm in getting to know a guy better. "
In some ways, what Herbie said is true. I'm not gonna correct him . It seems that even though I've known him for about a yr, he knows me better then any guy I've ever known. He's like the guy version of Amu. The fella who I can read between his laughter, look, lines & anything that you can think of without a single peep coming out of his mouth, He's sweet, great & damn tall... Girls, if your single & at least 1.7m, contact me so that I can intro you to this sweet guy...

And apparently, because now that both of us are free, he is devising a plan for me to date. I've given up ways for him to stop the plan but it doesn't work. So I just give up. Whatever goes, goes. If people ask, I'll just say that someone who is very concern about me is trying me to set up with a guy. Can't stop it cuz whatever ways I've tried, there's no way because he's big, tall & persistent.. And he has his ways to get it done even if I say no. He told me that we should look it like this, a favour. He's just concerned. That's all...

Funny how things work out. Back then, I've tried to get some of my gfs, who were single then, to get to know some of my guy friends. Now, its me on the receiving end. Now I know how it feels. Anxious, shy & nervous. That's all.. Nothing much...

I know that my previous entry says that I like things ceteris paribus but look at it now. Nothing is constant. Ha...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lazying away on my bed with my lappy...

Lying on my bed,typing away. Yes, finally gotten the lappy. Of course I'm glad. Totally over the moon. Right now, just happily updating my blog...

If you ppl are wondering how my trip to Cameron Highland/KL went, oh well. It went splendid. I finally gotten my Mac powder. Super glad. And from what I've used since, its better than ZA. Less oily. Even the make-up guy told me about my oily skin condition. And when I used the MAC, well, lets say that there's less sheer, aka less oily.

What else did I get from KL? Souveniers for my frens, another Jodi Picoult book (Harvesting the Heart) & a Dorathy Perkins pants which was on sale. Didn't have any tops that I usually bought from Dorathy Perkins. That was from KLCC actually. Then at the lorongs, I bought more tudungs which I was running out off, some more souveniers for my frens who wears tudungs. And that was about it. And I kind of regretted not buying this top from Padini. Nah.. Its alright. There's always JB.. :)
So far, I'm only booked to go out with my crew on the 30th of June for a show @ Timbre. Yes, another one of YouthWreck's show. And 7th of July for TRANSFORMERS (ROBORTS IN DISGUISE). I'm glad that things are way back to normal between me & Fad. Long story. But things are back to normal.

Its without a doubt that I'm loving my crew loads. Yes, I may not be seeing anyone but I'm enjoying my freedom. I love it loads.. Half the time, I'm usually down at the library, studying. Locking myself up & letting the books & notes eat me up. Don't worry, I'm not a geek. Just having a variety of hobbies which are just on the opposite sides of a spectrum. The last time I was at the library, studying, Lawrence gave me a 411 on shares. From time to time, we'll be looking up the poems webbie and he'll be teaching me one or two things about shares. I was a downright gong-gong blur queen about shares. But now, hey, I do know a thing or two.. All thanks to Lawrence & staring at his Mac. And seeing him decide on whether to buy r sell shares.. :) And the occasional periods where sometime I feel like throwing him off the window whenever he says that he might fail, before he even sits for the paper... So sakit hati lah sometimes. Such great motivation eh??

When I'm not with my classmates, most of the time I'll be filling my time with my lovable gfs, sistaz & my crew. Nothing special. Gheez!! Imagine if I was attached, AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! Things would have been different. I doubt that I would be as happy as I am today. Right now, its all ME, MYSELF & I. Nobody to bug me, except for my parents who'll just ask me where I'm heading to when I'm making my way out. That's about it. Other than that, nah.. I can happily leave my house or even the country without anybody bugging me. Just liking the way things are right now and I hope that things will stay like this for the time being. They say it in latin, ceteris peribus....

Monday, June 11, 2007

Exams are over !!!!!!!!!

Exams are OH-VA!!!!

Exams are over! Exams are over! Yahoo Yahoo-hoo

Ok, officially a nuts. I think I've always been a nut. Hee! Hee! Hee! It seems that right now, I'm in my happy mood... Oh happy day...

Here's some shots that was taken when we( Sha, Lawrence, Jun & myself) went to catch Shrek 3 yesterday, right after our paper ended. When the paper was over, we piled into Pakcik's car.

I was smiling ear to ear when we made our way to the carpark because I was very confident of this paper. Plus, the communication question came out. The exact same question that was asked in yr 2 promo exams. And somehow, the answer was EMBEDDED in this thick round organic living thing underneath my skull. So, all I had to do was press the invisible 'retrieve' button & had the answer written within seconds...

The show was HILARIOUS!!! And I thought I laughed loudly, Pakcik was worst. He's like the loudest. So I wasn't embarassed when I loudly, because I know that I won't be the only one... Perks of laughing, man. Total therapy....

Went for dinner at Mac cuz the foodcourt was closing. And as usual, the Sharifa & I kena disturbed from start to begining... Alright, I'm used to pakcik, after all those hours of mugging together in the library. So, can tahan. To the extent that once he criticised me on my driving skills that before I could say anything,we went like 'I know what you're gonna say. Alright! Alright... (Losing the battle kinda way)'. Hahahaha!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

SG Street Festival Children of 'D' Revolution

These are the pictures taken when I was down at the Street Fest over the weekend.. Some pictures can really make u all laugh. So its a great remedy for those who are just stressed out from work. Enjoy!!!

And another thing, The band's name is YouthWreck. As in YOUTHpark + shipWRECK= YOUTHWRECK. Get it??

Friday, June 01, 2007

All night....

Back to my blogging. Enjoyed myself yesterday at the picnic with 'Mum' & Fad's gig later on. There was so much to eat. And i brought my jelly. Beloved jelly of mine that I made on Wed afternoon. Cuz right now I'm using pakcik's MacBook, so I can't upload my pix on my hp. Will do it asap once I can get my hands on my comp at home aight..

Later on after the picnic, Nor drove Wati & I to PS for Fad's gig.. Enjoyed myself laughing with Ma' Crew.. All night..Hehehehe!!! Private joke. All thanks to Fad!!

And ya, thank goodness Fad took that extra bottle of mineral that I brought along with me. He lightened the weight of my bag which for your info, already consist of certain notes from school. When I told him, "Hey! I've got an extra bottle of Ice Mountain in my bag" you should see the look on his face. Super grateful look. I mean, at the rate that he was sweating & wiping his sweat, I'm not surprised that he won't go into dehydration soon.. And as I've told Adrian, we should get him a towel on his b'day.. Already we can see that he wore the guitar strap that we gave him for his b'day so we can see that he loves it

Alright my dear people. I've gotta go from here. When Sha came over to ask something about the computer misuse act, just makes m have the urgency to get back to my work. Chao!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Slight Panic Attack....

Sitting in the library, doing my 2.1 and suddenly, it occurred to me, my exams is next week... And I've officially been thrown into the brink of INSANITY...

Anyway, here I am, doing my school work diligently & I'm thanking my smart ass that I'm taking 2 papers this sem.. Ans I'm going to take 2 papers again for next sem.. Smart & wise me. And next sem, its going to be law & taxation... The taxation is the killer paper.. Just hope that I can do it. Praying hard that I can do it...

I think I better stop here. Can't think much.. Friday is the day that I'm going to get my Mac powder & going to Fad's gig later on.. And Sat, I've got a show at D'Marque... Hehehe!!! Exams is on Monday & I'm out... But I intend to mug on Sunday too.. Alright. GTG!